How to make a payment?


1. When you finished your order, please go to "Cart" page. Please check your order, if they are correct then click "Next" button.


2. Log in to your account. If you not a member, please Register. Or if you do not want to be a member, please fill out your address informations then click "Next" button.


3. Check your information address, if they correct please click "Next" button. If they incorrect please edit them.


4. Select the shipping method and accept the terms of service, then click "Next" button.


5. Choose your payment method. In this case, we accept paypal, debit card and credit card only. They must make a payment on paypal website. Please click on paypal payment method.


6. Please confirm your order. The system will redirect you go to paypal website to make a payment.


7. If you have a paypal account please select section "number 1" or if you need to make a payment with debit or credit card please fill out your card informations and make a payment to finished on section "number 2".