How to get free stickers from us.

We are happy to give free stickers for everyone but you will paying the shipping cost.

Please use this code for choosing free stickers from us;


This vouchers code have a value $2.97 USD, you can use them to get free many stickers from us and the shipping cost will calculate from our shopping cart system.

- Please log in if you are not a member please registered.
- Please choose the sticker you want, add into shopping cart and then click "Cart".
- Please copy the code above into the Vouchers section and then click "Add".
- The system will apply to discount for $2.97 USD in your orders.
- Then please "Check out".

More information please read article above, you can find them at homepage;

★ Terms and conditions of use
• How to apply the voucher discount?
• How to make an order?
• How to make a payment?

Get FREE stickers from now!

Note : We can give the free stickers for everyone, but not support the shipping cost. Everyone who need free stickers please pay the shipping cost.

One code for one person.